Cheeena phone scammers are…

too free…

they are just too stupid and irritating…
bah to phone scammers…


after months of reading posts, on phone scams / scammers…
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is there a new phone hoax going around?
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it’s finally my turn to experience it.

first call (+861XXXXXX83) – came at 1am this morning.
i was dead-asleep, i didn’t hear my phone ring…
even if that person is Lorien, he wouldn’t be so dumb to give me an international call.

second call (+85XXX1) – just minutes ago.
very cheeeena way of talking, similar to woonder‘s experience…
all i did was tell her in english – “i don’t understand what you are trying to say.”
and promptly cut off the call.


to the cheeena scammers:

it’s a blardy waste of your time and money, if you wanna try your luck on me.
i’d rather give telemarketers more respect and listen to what they have to say, than to be bothered with you guys.

if you enjoy wasting money on international calls, it’s fine by me.
i’ll just put it on silent mode.

go find something or someone else to bother =)



as requested by sentosagal, here’s the actual numbers used by the scammers:

1) +8615810098348

2) +851111

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