Tremors felt…

At 7.15pm, while having dinner…

Dad gave me a call, asking where was i…
As he explained, then i realized there had been an earthquake from our neighbour, Indonesia.

A 7.9 quake.

pic source: NEA website

From what i knew, everyone in Golden Mile Complex evacuated, waiting to see what happens next. But nothing was felt in North (Bishan) area.

Or at least for me.

As for Marine Parade, Darren (shifu) and family felt it and slight panicky about it.
Which i would say it’s normal, even though our homes are pretty safe from all these tremors / quakes, but still…

After the tsunami incident, it’s best to be safe than sorry.

Based on what i’ve learnt and from past news reports, there might be more within the next 24hours, but unlikely to be major ones.

Let’s hope nothing bad happens…
Eg. tsunami or more tremors.


source from: Channel News Asia

more details: Lancerlord