XinYun’s Million-dollar DREAM

Since i’m stoning and trying to appear busy at work, i’m taking this chance to complete this homework, given by our sexy Teacher.

Based on the exchange rate:
USD$1million is roughly about SGD$1.5million.
Now, it may not be alot compare to what regular TOTO / 4D / Big Sweep winners could win easily.

But i know, i would probably NEVER get to earn that much, in this lifetime.
Yea, i know. heh!

Anyway, here’s what i would probably do with the money:

  • Firstly, set aside S$400,000, for investments and savings
  • Next, settle home loan for my parents and personal loans
  • Not forgetting to give them, $25k each.
  • Give $20k to my church, student & cat welfare.
  • After which, a fully furnished studio apartment for myself, preferably in town area for easy partying and work…
  • Next, get my driving, motor and boat licenses, for all transport and traveling purposes
  • With my licenses, own one of my dream car… a skyblue Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet 2.0, since it’s impossible to upkeep a Ferrai Enzo in Singapore
  • And another car / van, a skyblue Opel Combo 1.7, for business and personal use… All paid in cash, heh!
  • Lastly, get a Degree in Marketing & IT and visit Joey & Laura, USA.

That’s all to it.
With this amount.

Now it’s time to spread the love, tag a few people…
And they are:

1) Daphne
2) Xizor (not sure if he’ll do it)
3) Anyone else who’s interested

This tag is brought to you by XinYun, after being tagged by our Ping.Sg Sexy Teacher, Miss Loi.

pic source: Sgcarmart

2 thoughts on “XinYun’s Million-dollar DREAM

  1. Hey never say never okay. Maybe when the time comes, I might even see you in an Enzo!

    For sharing a common love for convertibles, Miss Loi shall give you an ‘A’ for this 🙂

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