Weekend: Summarized

Man… i feel bad…

For ignoring the new cute consultant… *sob*
He gave us all a shock by saying “good morning” darn loudly but we weren’t sure who’s he saying it to.



Here’s the weekend summary:

I took 1/2 day off and headed down to Singpost to collect Threadless parcels.
After some misunderstanding and blurness (from me and staff), i managed to collect all 3 and piggy sent me home.

At the same time, the Starhub CSO Raymond (called at 5pm) approved my Digital Voice Home application; teased me when i was going “uhhmmm… ahh…” while choosing my phone no. … *sweat*

Piggy helped set up my VeCm cable, thanks dear 🙂

Next, we headed down to Bugis, met up with my guy friends for steamboat dinner… pretty good meal (about S$18 per pax) and friendly boss. it’s good to see Nick, WeiQuan, Daniel and Allen (alien) after so long, my gaming friend while working at Netz, it has been 3 years.


Woke up early, met up and passed Trevor his tees.
Followed by Breeks lunch with my 2 darling god-sis, Rin & Retro, where we chatted about school, work and men.

After which, rushed down to Holland Village, Essential Brew for Ping.sg outing, with Daphne, Jzin, Aaron, Brennan, Paced, Xizor and Daphne’s friend, Gerald… Chatted till 6plus and went exploring around Holland V, with Xizor.

It was a fun outing, seeing some pingsters for the first time and chitchatting =)

And now, Brennan looks quite black / chao tar, due to his army training, heh!
For more details on outing, pls refer to Aaron’s blog.
Check out Xizor’s blog for pictures on things we saw.
I’m too lazy to blog in details today, heh!

I was up till 3am, gaming with piggy… and packing / sorting all parcels, for my Threadless spree.


Headed down to Tiong Bahru with piggy, to my granny / aunt’s place for lunch and chitchatting. I was pretty surprised to see my other 2 aunts there and we chatted a little before they left. Since it was raining, we didn’t go skating…

And we (piggy and i) sat there for 6hours, till 9pm, chatting with Aunt Peggy and Ella (maid) and watched Korean Drama, 火鸟…

pic source: Xin Hua Net

Pretty good K-drama… I’ll go buy the dvd, only managed to watch episode 1 – 6… *heh*

Sigh, da yi (1st aunt) say i fat… *sob*
Must be all the good food over the weekend =x

I must go on diet!
Diet! Complan diet! =x

That’s all for this weekend.

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