Movie: No Reservations

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Kate Armstrong (Zeta-Jones) is a master chef who lives her life as busily outside of the kitchen as she does inside. After her sister dies in an accident she becomes the guardian of her niece Zoe (Abigail Breslin). Their relationship has ups and downs; for example, only after being told by her therapist Kate understands that children like simple food such as fishsticks and macaroni more than the sophisticated food like she prepares in her job. Also she once forgets to pick her up after school.

Kate deals with a new sous-chef Nick Palmer (Eckhart) in the kitchen. Despite the differences between Kate and Nick, they find chemistry with each other. Also he gets along well with Zoe. Kate is compelled to change her approach to life differently from the way she approaches work so she can develop stronger relationships with Zoe and Nick.


As usual, Piggy and i caught this movie at GV Bishan, on a Tuesday, making good use of GV’s promotion.

Based on the story, Kate is a workaholic and has a very dominating feel.
From the start, she’s shown to be going to therapy, for her temper, probably due to her threatening a customer, as seen on the trailer. But instead of telling her therapy more about her, she was describing in details to him, on one of her signature dish.

Her therapist seemed to be mentally drooling at her signature dish details, which does seem really funny =)
And her relationship with her niece (Zoe) was strengthened, when they spent a day skipping school and work.


No Reservation, a decent romance film but the visual display of food surpassed all acting.

It made me crave for a nice, juicy rare steak… =P
And it shown that chefs do have their tempers, when faced with unreasonable customers.

“How’s this for rare?”

Story: 3/5
Acting: 2.5/5
Visual: 3/5
Food: 4.5/5

Overall: 3/5

If you wanna catch something romantic & lighthearted on a weekday, try watching No Reservation.
For weekends movie-watching, Ratatouille would be better.

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  1. ooo i wanted to watch this too… i like zeta jones. anyway. strange isnt it, 2 movies out at the same time, both abt chefs. heh heh. except that one is actually a rat… LOL.

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