This award goes to…

I was awarded by Daphne,for being a comforter…

Hmm, i always thought i was a huggable bolster type… *heh*
Anyway, here’s to spread the friendship and love


The ‘Nice Matters’ award goes to…
those who have been nice, sweet and a good friend (in blogging) to me…

And they are:

Explanation could be found when you hover your cursor on the link.
I’m sorry if i left out anyone…

me no mean to…

Could only put 7 names, i think…
Although i aren’t sure if half of my list, would forward this award / spread the love to anyone else… *oops*

But i still love all of you, no matter what =D
*muackz all my friends*



Cooking pasta… =x

8 thoughts on “This award goes to…

  1. Bolster? I love bolsters! I can’t sleep without them! Now I know if I need one, I look for you 😀

    So, I have to pass this award to 7 others? Hmm. I’ll have to strategise 😛

  2. @ Daphne:
    heh, took leave to go temple for prayer ma 🙂

    @ Wishbone:
    okie 🙂
    this bolster is available for booking! 😛

    @ genette:
    no problem darling sis!
    meet up soon for crabs ok?!

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