Backdated: Weekend post

*Backdating to 21st – 23rd Sept*


Took a day off, to be at my granny’s 49th day funeral thingie…
Only after so much nagging from mom when i told her WAY IN ADVANCE, that i don’t have much off days left, till the end of financial year… which will be next April, but since i know she wouldn’t stop nagging till i go with her plan… not forgetting to kp back at her.

In the end, we spent only 2 hours for the whole funeral thingie (pls don’t ask me what does thingie means, it’s just a convenient way for me to summarize the whole prayer process, which consist of chanting, more chanting and unnecessary incenses burning).

Cooked pasta for lunch and slack till Piggy came over.

He tried making Cereal Prawns (which seemed a little burnt) and i did my favorite Japanese Curry Udon.
Pretty acceptable food i guess, for both of us.
Since it’s his first attempt in cooking and it’s been nearly 1year since my last curry cooking =P



Met up with my spree-ers and handed them their Threadless tees…
After that, a short library trip and some chick lit borrowing session.


No skating, due to the unpredictable weather… *sigh*
I guess it’ll be another 3 – 6mths before Piggy and i would be skating, since his little yellow car is gone (sold) 🙁

After meeting the last spree-er, we headed down to SLS and checked out the new gadgets & games, before heading down to Suntec, where we had tea at Ya Kun & Don Pie Club.

Next, Carrefour shopping…
Lastly, home.


Sadly, i don’t have any new pictures…
As my K750i is somewhat hoping to be put to rest…

I’ll be posting the rest of my Threadless spree pics later 😀