Cute or Act cute?

Something has been bugging me since Friday…
In order to get it outta my system, i shall share it with everyone… =)


Remember the cute consultant that gave me a shock?

He’s now known as Sotong Boy

Not because of his looks…
It’s based on something he did.

You see…
There is this cute GIANT / Kid-sized squid plushie (similar to pic below):

That belongs to the female consultant, KW…
Guess KW allowed Sotong Boy to play with it, so he happily hugged it and walked around the whole studio / workplace with it… not once, but twice.

During the 2nd time, he stopped infront of me and other consultants, then placed it on the seat i was on while chatting to another female consultant.

I was like… “wtf…” …. -_-”
When he walked towards us with it…

I think the plushie is cute and Sotong Boy may seem cute too…
But seeing him hug and walk around the plushie…

…. -_-”

Thankfully there weren’t much users and consultants left in the studio.
Probably less than 10 people.

But i can’t help thinking, is he abnormal or trying to act cute…
Or trying EXTREMELY HARD to get our attention, since we have been ignoring him most of the time…

Hmmm, probably the latter.

Maybe the best way is to give him our full attention…
Or ask him ‘what the f00k are you doing?’


Man, i feel better after writing it out… =)

8 thoughts on “Cute or Act cute?

  1. Haha.. that soft toy is really cute=)

    But i do agree that i cringe at the sight of guys hugging soft toys.. i don’t know.. it makes them look less masculine.. Haha.

  2. @ xizor:

    but hor, before i can touch or play with the cute plushie, he took it away… *sob*
    sooo… were u the one who placed the duster? 😀

    @ daphne:

    ya, very sad boy 😛

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