Free Burma!

Free Burma!

Free Burma

“International bloggers are preparing an action to support the peaceful revolution in Burma. We want to set a sign for freedom and show our sympathy for these people who are fighting their cruel regime without weapons. These Bloggers are planning to refrain from posting to their blogs on October 4 and just put up one Banner then, underlined with the words “Free Burma!”.” – as quoted from site.

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As we all have heard and saw, peaceful protesting have turned bloody…
Innocent people have lost their lives and/or are physically hurt, because of barbaric treatment towards protesters and those who happened to be there, at the wrong time.

For me, this is nothing personal against any govt.

If one is unable to please and maintain peace for the country, wouldn’t it be better to hand the seat over to someone else who’s able to?

Furthermore, they can’t deny intentions of misleading world viewers and readers, when actual footages are being shown around the world.

Apologies to all who has been hurt and lost their love ones.
That would be a good start.

Being overly stubborn, would probably result in economy and tourism.


Note / Disclaimer:
Whatever written was based on blogger’s point of view.

I can’t / don’t / wouldn’t represent our government to address whatever issues one have against them.

Be it one questioning their actions, on the recent protest application that was rejected.
Or how hypocrisy they are, or how the Burmese generals should act.

If you feel that there’s a question on our Singapore Government you are DYING to debate about, please direct it to all major medias, such as STOMP or Channel NewsAsia.

5 thoughts on “Free Burma!

  1. On Saturday Sept 29, the police in $ingapore turned down a request for a peaceful protest on Oct 5 and 6 against Burma:

    “Meanwhile, the [Singapore] police said they had rejected an application for a permit to hold a ‘Yellow peace walk for the people of Burma’ on Oct 5 and 6 in Toa Payoh.”

    If Singapore won’t even permit a peaceful protest how exactly are the Burmese generals expected to behave?

    Singapore is the biggest investor in Burma!

    What an hyporcrisy!

    The Cat

  2. @ The Cat:

    You do know all that’s written, are based on how i feel on this issue.

    We, bloggers, can’t / don’t and wouldn’t represent our Singapore government on whatever decisions they made, for we don’t know the real reason for rejecting that application.

    If you feel there’s much needed to be done on our hypocrisy, feel free to write to our press and they would be delighted to address the issue on papers.

  3. That sounds awfully like that article on an Aussie paper about Singapore being the largest investor in Myanmar. However it appears that even the most vociferous and stauchest opponents of the Myanmar junta in ASEAN are now much subdued. The reason is all would turn a blind eye to the junta’s activities so they can get their ‘cheap’ gas and natural resources which Myanmar has to offer.

  4. 转载自亚洲周刊,刘振廷《热血武僧抗击冷雪军政府》:


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