Row, row, row yer boat…


yo matey!

when you start speaking like this (or like i do), you are probably being delusional, thinking you are a pirate.

or you have rewatched Pirates of the Carribbean, too many times for comfort… *guilty as charged*

you could be like me, addicted to Facebook | Pirates


it’s a facebook application / game, in short.

other than Pets Dragon; it’s one of the only few facebook applications i’m interested and happily playing with.

click on the link, if you still have no idea what i’m talking about and view the world of turn-based Pirating.


i’m hooked / addicted, even while i work.
well it doesn’t require much attention, just click click clickerty click.

just additional wear and tear to my mouse 🙂

just like i was, when playing World of Pirates, a multiplayer online game, where you build a fleet, travel / trade around and fight pirates.


anyway, back to work & clicking 😛

3 thoughts on “Row, row, row yer boat…

  1. @ miss loi:

    ya, i agree.
    there’s too many apps to install and half of what i installed, i never got about to play them 😛

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