Uniquely Singapore Ad

Just realized i’ve received an ad.

This time round, it’s from STB aka Singapore Tourism Board.
For Project Postcard 2007, to promote and invite overseas friends to visit this little dot on the world map, aka Singapore.


– print screen from Project Postcard 2007

This year’s theme – My City, My Life

Love the pictures that were used, sights i’ve never got a chance to see… probably due to my short attention span during sight-seeing and bus trips.


Perhaps you might be wondering…

How long has this marketing / promoting concept been going on?

I’m not exactly sure but probably been on-going for the past 5 years.
I couldn’t find any exact write-ups indicating which year it started but based on my Google search, it’s stated on Travel Weekly, it’s in its 5th run.

So i presume it’s in its 5th year.
But do correct me, if i’m wrong… =)

Do check it out, send an e-card to overseas friends or gaming pals, he/she might win the chance to fly over and visit you… =)



I had fun with the e-card sending, creating my own avatar e-card and sending Joey one.

Bro, do look out for it.
It was sent to your hotmail a/c.