It’s a blardy joke.

*pissed off mood*

For a system that’s worth nearly 7000times i earn, it’s built using a program which is known for being unstable and it has prove that it can’t cater what’s necessary or match up to the previous system (which is nearly 10years old).

*roll eyes*

Everything for this system, goes through mathematical algorithm and ancient system logics that would probably need to be change within the next one year, especially for our industry.

Then what good is it for?
Creating payment discrepancy?

A joke.
It’s a blardy joke.
It would be so MUCH fun to tell them – “I told you so!”

*roll eyes*

Yes, I’m ranting…
Too blardy pissed off with those, forcing me to void errors and algorithm reports, when they didn’t bother to explain it before starting this project.

From “i love my job” to “i’m bored with my job” …
To “i hate my job”… =/


2 thoughts on “It’s a blardy joke.

  1. *pat pat*

    Sometimes, people don’t listen and insist that it’s “supposed to be done.” Either that or the recommender sure was lousy.

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