9 thoughts on “I need a holiday…

  1. @ rinaz:

    same here, i miss thailand, esp. the food… 🙁

    @ wishbone:
    leave on hold, sigh…
    have to wait till project ends, probably next yr feb.

    @ lbandit:
    lol… i’m just whiny 😛

  2. lol @ dk.
    cookout or pot luck? 😛

    yea, thought of it but i’ve work on sat, oh well 😛

    no prob, ur side is entertaining and yummy… *drool more over food*

  3. *sayang* i totally know how u feel hahaha. my family left for europe without me in july. *SOB!*

    anyway. ive learnt to enjoy my ‘freedom’ (from nagging) when they are all away from home hahaaha..

    *muaks!* 🙂

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