Attack of Botak Jones Burgers…

Earlier today…
I had a “spur of the moment” Botak Jones dinner outing, at their TPY branch.

With my buddy, Sean and FoxTwo

We ordered:
– The Botak Burger (FoxTwo)
– The Double Botak Burger (Sean)
– The “U-Crazy-What” Burger (Mine)

Being the crazy one, i had to try that “U-Crazy-What” Burger…

I tried, to finish the “U-Crazy-What” Burger…
But i failed miserably… =x

FoxTwo finished everything on his plate…
Sean finished the whole burger…

But i…
Only managed to finish 1 and a half patty…
I got PWN3D by the burger.

What happened to the remaining?
FoxTwo finished my share!!! *bow to the pro*

Pretty good meal… *burp*
Patties and fries are a little over salty, but still acceptable.

Overall – 4/5

If you are looking for it, it’s the food center inside JTC factory compound.

8 thoughts on “Attack of Botak Jones Burgers…

    I wanted to go there with my friends, cuz my sch’s in bishan and botak jones is so near yet so far. (cuz im broke)

    Gee, im hungry.

  2. @ Jeslene:

    ah icic, but really, do at least try once.
    you could try their botak burger (1 level patty), it’s around 5bucks.

    even if you don’t eat botak jones, that food center have thai food / pizza / jap food… *drool*

    @ kristinaQ:

    hehe, hi there 🙂
    go grab a burger asap!

  3. No wonder my comment took so long to appear. Coz you need to seek approval from ‘higher authority’?

    Must be the younger-looking one lah.

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