Illegal gathering at Caldecott?

As i strolled in to work, i see a group of girls sitting around the taxi stand area.

Well, they seemed to be the usual bunch i always see, ‘camping’ outside Caldecott (MediaCorp), waiting for artistes and celebrities.

Or so i thought before walking up the stairs…

Huge group of girls and 2 sleepy looking guys (probably keeping their gfs company), sitting on the pathway to reception, chatting and gossiping away… -_-”

My first thought was… illegal gathering?

Then again, i realized we usually get such big groups during shows like, Singapore Idol & Campus Superstars but those crowds only come in during late afternoon… =/

These people are here since…

7am? 8am? Last night?
Only God knows what time they’ve been here.

Some of them brought picnic mats, macbook & laptops, so i presumed they stayed over since last night. I admire them for being so determine to see their idols, i would probably have gone home after waiting for 3hrs.

I’m pretty tempted to ask them what’s going on or who are they waiting for…
‘Cos even our own people (more on the technical side) have no idea what’s going on.

I’m very sure they are not here to see that Scottish guy in kilts.
Since almost all from the group are chinese.

If i get the chance to ask them or find out what’s going on, i’ll update this post.

No pics, i don’t wish to risk getting whack or ‘hum tum’ by them… =)


One of my colleagues suggested helping or selling them food from canteen.

Didn’t managed to ask the girls, they were gone after work… =(
But it’s being shown on the news.

They were waiting to grab tickets 🙂

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