By choice or forced?

We had a meeting yesterday, for our on-going project.
It’s going for parallel system run by December…

Which happened to be during my exams…
Furthermore, 2 of my colleagues are going on long leave during that period.

Due to the lack of manpower and me, being more ‘fluent‘ in the work process of this system, my boss requested that i give my coming December exam, a miss.

I agreed to it.

Did she forced me?
Or did i give up?


In a way…

I’m more than happy to give it a miss.
Even though mom feels that i’m being forced to give up, due to this project and wasting my money.

Guess it’s due to lack of mood, to study for my Marketing Fundamentals paper.

It’s just me…
I always lack the motivation to study, no matter how much i wanna pass that blardy expensive exam, which cost $155 per paper.

And not forgetting the uber expensive membership fee, at $265.
And… text books cost me $220 :X

Here’s one of them:
CIM Marketing Fundamentals TextBook

Perhaps part of me gave up, before everything could start.

Just sent a query to the institute, waiting for an answer or an approval.


By force, i chose to give up.
By choice, i force myself to accept.

9 thoughts on “By choice or forced?

  1. Hmm…at least u already knew what you want to go for, so no dilemma headache for you. but $155 is a lot though.

  2. I had mixed feelings initially when I had to defer my project during my third year due to heavy commitments. After the results arrived for my classmates with them passing, I somehow felt, I should have pushed on.

    Now that I have gotten my results, I think I’m a little glad that I deferred. The results were not that great because of my procrastination. I’m married to Mr Procrastination. 😛

    If you had felt confident to sit for this exam, would you have agreed to your boss’ suggestion?

  3. @ wishbone:

    mmm, i do lack confidence in passing.
    but even if i’m prepared and confident that i’ll pass, i’ll probably succumb to my commitment to this project, as i’ve promised her i’ll make sure everything is going right.

  4. aiyoooh, so sayang. If you’re my daughter ah, sure kena nagged. Waste of money, you think money fall from sky… nag nag nag nag…..

    Ask your Boss pay for the course or give you a pay raise. You din negotiate?

  5. @ ecl:

    thanks 🙂
    ya, my mom also say waste of money.
    still waiting for the institute to get back to me, but my boss will write me a letter if necessary.

    probably if possible, we can try to ask HR to settle, i hope 😛

  6. certification is not everything … it gets you thru the front door at companies

    maybe this project will expose you to new networks? you never know

    you can always pickup where you left off

    tell me abt it, i also tend to procastinate … uurghh

  7. @ uncle sha:

    true, i’ll see where it leads me… heh.
    hahaha… i guess we all procastinate from time to time, just that i do it on a daily basis :X

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