Sunday food outing

Even though i’m sick @ home, i’ve the urge to blog.

Met up with Daphne, Aaron and Xizor yesterday for makan session.

Daphne was having Indian food cravings, Xizor having brownies craving but it was raining cats & dogs and that brownie place was closed, so we decided to dine somewhere near Bugis Junction.

After much suggestions, we ended up eating Ayam Penyet (Fried Flatten Chicken) at the Ayam Penyet House.



It was ok, not extremely fantastic.
Cheap and decent.

$5.50 for a piece of fried flatten chicken, bit of kangkong, cucumber, fermented beancurd and beans and spicy hot chilli.

I would probably go back there for the chilli 😛

Next, TCC…
for coffee and chocolate fudge.

Xizor signature pose and Aaron looking darn sleepy…



Nothing beats a good cup of coffee, nice fluffy fudge and friends to chitchat with… 😛


Ok, done for now…
Waiting for Daph’s pics.

And before i end…

Here’s Aaron’s new hair color…
Reminded us, a little of brown Shih Tzu and guinea pig :X




*runs far far away from Aaron*
*off to have brunch & medicines*

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