Needed: camping wares

I need camping wares.
From tents, sleeping bags to thermal wears.

For what?

Camping, overnighting or doing overtime at office.
No, i’m not exaggerating… I’m still at work, coaching and helping out.

I don’t even have the energy to head home, why would i bother pulling your leg than get a good night’s rest?
Furthermore, i still have to be back here later and on Sunday, at 10am for another round of training.

It would be a excellent idea to just camp over.
This will be my work life for the next 2 months…
By the end of it, i would probably have my bio clock turned upside down, just like mom.


7 thoughts on “Needed: camping wares

  1. darling take care of urself!! i wish i can cheer u up but i dont know how to. *hugs* nvm we work hard now cos we are young. we can only do it now whn we’re young! πŸ™‚

    jia you!!!!!

  2. Wow Xinyun. You serious?
    If you want, i have a large sleeping bag that guarantees warmth.

    I don’t mind lending it to you~

    You take care okay? Don’t fall sick on us again~

  3. @ rina and daph:

    *hugs* thanks darlings…

    @ aaron:

    ok, will let u know soon…


    oops, didn’t see your reply…
    but can’t have supper either, cos need to be back at work… like now πŸ™

  4. Wah, and I thought my job sucked.

    Well, I still got some poncho and grounsheet leftover from SAF, got 2 water bottles (green), one SBO, one fullpack etc.

    You want? Can have ’em. I no more reservist leow. War come to Singapore, they won’t even activate me πŸ™‚

  5. haha…
    trust me, it’ll get worse for me, esp. during this preparation period.

    nah, doubt i’ll need the full pack πŸ˜›

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