My ship has sunk…


Someone avenge me, please?


After much twitterings on Battle Stations, by Arzhou & Miccheng

I’ve finally succumbed and accepted invites from – DK & my friend, Yao.

But once i hit level 6, i’ve gotten attacked 20 times, in 10mins.
And eventually sunk, by a super persistent captain… o.O”

Me = Noob

Anyway, click here for Battle Stations application (for Facebook).

6 thoughts on “My ship has sunk…

  1. Don’t attack anyone at this stage. Do exploring to gain Exp. Then buy better ship and weapon before attacking.

  2. Just go slow and steady, as what dk said, focus on exploring and trading ( you are a trader I believe).

    Get enough resources and get the lvl 10 ships and weapons. From here on you have to decide on what style of play you would like to adopt.

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