Death over cooking oil?

Some find ways to live…
Digging for roots and eating tree barks…

Others find ways to die…
Stampede to death, over cooking oil…


I was reading SimplyJean’s post.

The article she posted was on last night’s news. After it was shown, i asked my dad:

If Singaporeans are kiasu…
What about those people who queue for cooking oil, just to save a few bucks and end up losing their lives?

He joked:
We got our kiasu-ism from them 🙂

Death over cooking oil?
Not worth it.


Kiasu – afraid to lose out

3 thoughts on “Death over cooking oil?

  1. maybe china people are more “ngiau”? Just kidding. Anyway, it shows that they are too poor, and they are willing to go all out for free stuff. Is it free? Or on sale?

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