Quiz: Lollipop Flavor Test

The Lollipop Flavor Sex Test
Here’s the lollipop test!

Do it and then post your flavor and analysis…I wonder just how accurate this is gonna be!

And no changing your answers ya cheaters!!!

Which is your favorite flavor lollipop?

Choose only one, then scroll down to read your bedroom analysis.
If you can’t see the words clearly, just highlight them 🙂

Root Beer
Sour Apple
Cream Soda

People who like strawberry tend to be very passionate lovers.
They are easily aroused and enjoy a variety of experiences, positions and toys. Once ignited, the strawberry lover’s spark is hard to extinguish. Put two together and watch

People who like watermelon show a reluctance to mature in sexual matters. Women tend to tease, and men are flirts.
Watermelon lovers are selfish and unreliable. They like to be the center of the attention in bed, and will flaunt their sexuality openly.

People who like grape frequently consider themselves to be too sophisticated for a fun romp in the sack. Women are the types who hate to mess their hair. Men are business-like
in their approach to lovemaking. They are
more concerned with self-fulfillment than with their partner’s gratification.

Lovers of orange lean toward sexual fantasies. Foreplay is as important as the act of sex. The orange lover tends to have trouble experiencing orgasm, but puts on a good act. Both the male and female orange lover enjoy leaving “love marks” on their partner.

The peach lover tends to be indecisive. They don’t get excited about much, and sex can become routine. Men tend to look at sex as a way to relieve tension, and women look at it as a way of accomodating their mate. There is not much passion in the peach lover’s life.

If you favor lemon, your sexual desires are flexible and adaptable. Lemon lovers tend to be more on the passive/permissive side of a relationship, and will easily give in to a stronger partner’s desires. Though not likely to “take charge” in bed, they enjoy pleasing
their partner.

Those who prefer butterscotch are fresh and innocent in their approach to sex. Women who love butterscotch tend to make love like virgins all their life. Men may always be a little clumsy and awkward, but in a charming way.
Butterscotch lovers are gentle but not overly passionate. They are loyal and generally make good life-partners.

Root Beer:
If you love root beer, you’re a real treasure for the
right mate. Root beer lovers tend to be warm and deep, sensitive
to the needs and desires of their partner. They love to say “I love you”, snuggle and kiss. Romance is a big part of the root beer lover’s life, and they can’t get enough of it. Because they are so sensitive, one harsh word could end a relationship.

Sour Apple:
Those who prefer sour apple are exciting lovers. They are passionate and energetic, and love to try new things. The sour apple lover does not bore easily, and can think of new ways to try old things. They are easily aroused and
stay that way for hours. Sex is rarely the same experience twice for the sour apple lover, who enjoys “mixing things up” as much as possible.

Lovers of blue raspberry are wonderful sexual partners. They are affectionate and sensitve to their partner’s needs. They are exciting partners who enjoy foreplay and the aftermath of making love. The blue raspberry lovers make great life partners, who will always keep the love making passionate and fresh.

Cream Soda:
People who like cream soda are shy and reserved.
Lovemaking during the day or with the lights on is almost unheard of. Women who like cream soda tend to stay under the covers, and men will shower before and after thesexual act. Cream soda lovers also tend to have nicknames
for their genitals.

People who like cherry are often the misfits of the sex world and seek out each other. They tend to prefer perverted sex, and can be masochistic or sadistic in nature. They are moody and often perform at their peak when they are under stress
or during unhappy times. Though very passionate, cherry lovers do not take pleasure in simple things.


I got this off Mike’s blog, found it interesting and kinda true for me.
Thought i should share with you guys 🙂

Just for fun 😛

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