Blardy Cold-calling Personnels!!!

I’m getting sick and tired of cold-calling personnels from various banks bugging me, during office hours.
Banks like – MayBank, Citibank and Stand. Chart.

When i told them (MayBank and Citibank) i’m not interested, it’s either an abrupt ‘thank you’ and ‘click off’. But that’s fine with me, as long as they aren’t taking up too much of my work time or force me to do them a favor.

But just minutes ago, i got bugged by Stand. Chart’s personnel…
And boy, i felt like… strangling her.

It’s fine you wanna be pushy, but as soon as you gather sufficient information to move on to your next number, just get off the phone and not PUSH REQUEST for a family or friend’s number to EXTEND your cold-calling list and refuse to quit until you get the number. In any case, i gave her my parents’ number, knowing they would have their ways to handle such irritating buggers.

And sent out a suggestion, to her company.

Nope, I didn’t specify who that lady is.

In the first place, i didn’t even catch her name.
All i caught, was her explaining that there’s a new card service and blah blah blah…

Hopefully they’ll stop their pushy sales tactics, which reminded me of those pushy MLM gimmicks, eg. those magnetic mattress or pots & pans MLM companies.

So, do me a favor…
If you happen to be from any credit card or MLM or even insurance companies:


Don’t call me, I’ll call you.

Never bother me when i’m sick, tired or busy with work.
So happened that i’m sick + tired + busy, at the same time.

7 thoughts on “Blardy Cold-calling Personnels!!!

  1. Can they even ask for another number like that? Thank goodness I’ve not gotten such calls yet. *touch wood* But I think I’ll be outright rude to them if they do ask me for another number to call. It’s like spamming.

  2. @ absolutjoiz:

    Hmm, i’m not too sure but i’ll check with my friends in sales. I agree, it’s rude and we aren’t obligated to give them any.

  3. Yeah I hate stanchart. I cancelled everything with them back in 2002 or so, and every time someone calls me saying “I’m calling on behalf of Standard Chartered” I cut them off with “stanchart ah? not interested”

    One or two even asked “oh why sir? if you don’t mind can you tell me what happened?” and my reply was “If I told you what happened can you fix it for me?” and of course they replied “no”. So I say “so why tell you? you can’t help” and *click* haa

    Yeah I hate stanchart. OoOO gives me an idea for the next blog entry….. *starts scribbling*

  4. Frankly it is coz they have their livelihood. But that clashes with our way of livelihood… Sigh. But however, it is hard as sometimes they suffer alot of rejection…

    It’s ok, i know what you mean. My dad gets pissed everyday at them. LOL. And when I get these cards, i shall be damn pissed too, hehe ;p

  5. @ Winston:

    i understand it’s their work requirements but i don’t think “asking clients for more contacts” is in their requirements and it doesn’t help when she’s bothering me during working hours.

    well, it would be interesting to see how you handle those sales persons, you could blog about it when you meet one 🙂

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