Gimme a fat wallet for Xmas

Yet, another random post…

While updating my overtime form, i realized…
In 2.5weeks, i’ve clocked about 60hours in overtime.

Based on normal overtime rate, i guess it’ll be quite a considerable amount… but it’ll be going into my CNY (Chinese New Year) spending savings, since i’ll be going away for holiday, during that period 🙂


Exhausted, falling sick.
*sniff cough sniff*

5 thoughts on “Gimme a fat wallet for Xmas

  1. @ Wishbone:

    Ya, i was surprised when i calculated…
    I worked from 10am – 10pm on Sat & Sun.

    One should never work OT, without pay, unless it’s for urgent matters 😛

  2. @ winston:

    treat you Mac ice-cream lor 😛
    sadly, i don’t have the patience… i’d probably strangle the kid or parent, or teach the kid to play computer games 😛

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