Rant: BlogRush Support Doesn’t Exist?

Just ranting…
Ignore me and/or this post if you must.


Since BlogRush Phase2 launch, I’ve been trying to add my blog.

But to no avail…
I kept getting “Please Enter Correct Blog URL” message.

Which it seemed obvious it could be my blog address problem.
Since a number of sites do not recognize the .sg address.

So i did what all helpless users would do…
By sending an email and hoping their support team would shed some light to this matter.

Email was sent on 22nd Oct, resent on 28th Oct & 13th Nov.

Screenshot as attached:


But till now, no replies…

Na da!
Forget it, i’m not going to try again.


If you have no solution to the problem, at least reply honestly.
Or remove your support email address – customersupport @ blogrush.com .

– End of rant –



FoxTwo’s 2cent to this .sg problem…

“Just anyhow humtum one address… eg. xinyun.com or anything. As long as your feed (using feedburner) doesn’t include the .sg domain address, it’ll work perfectly!”


Perhaps i’ll try it later.

6 thoughts on “Rant: BlogRush Support Doesn’t Exist?

  1. @ Hani:

    Based on the reports, it does provide at least 20vistors a week to most sites. But i’m not exactly sure of its results, since it’s linked to my old blog.

    I’ll give FoxTwo’s method a try and let you know later ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. FoxTwo’s methods worked… with a little bit of tweaking haa..

    Now Blogrush need you to verify your blog, so you need to install a small bit of it on your blog, thus you can’t really do what I suggested the first time.

    In the end though, it was worked-around successfully. She got her Blogrush working on this new domain WITHOUT the need to “verify” it, and WITHOUT Blogrush customer support coming to “help” too …

  3. There’s no support at BlogRush. Initially, there was a form to fill out. I filled it out, requesting help because whenever I provided the URL for my feed (which began “feed://”) the form would add “http://” in front of the “feed://” and then tell me I’d provided an invalid URL (der! Ya think? So quit putting the “http://” of it!). A week went by with no response, so I returned to the site to ask again, and this time found the form replaced by a mailto:. I used that and repeated my request. That was three weeks ago. The form and the email address must both be dumping messages into a box that’s not being popped. As it turns out, I’ve now read that BlogRush is crap, so I don’t care, and I don’t do business with companies who don’t provide support anyway, so all I lost was the fifteen minutes I spent emailing support and then ten posting to this and another blog to whine about it (grin).

  4. @ BinkyM:
    Yeap, it’s pointless to provide a email address and not reply to any queries.

    After trying it for a month, I would say there are better blog directories / rolls out there, that directs better traffic.

    As for your problem, there’s a work-around for it, if you want to give a try.

    Go to Feedburner, join them and create a new feed with your blog name / title and paste it in BlogRush. It should work immediately, unless they have changed the system AGAIN ๐Ÿ˜›

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