XinYun – The Lioness

came across this while reading Cobalt Paladin’s blog…

Hmm, pretty true…

Especially for the part:
“Forgiving but never forgets…”

Well i don’t usually bear a grudge like some, who’d be able to bear grudges till their death beds.
I’ll forgive people and even myself, after a period of time…
But I could never forget constantly put myself on guard when i remember what happened.

Oh well… =P

6 thoughts on “XinYun – The Lioness

  1. Haha..I have “inner & physical beauty” and “great kisser”. Seems everyone is a great kisser.

    Not sure about “Always get what they want” though…

  2. @ ECL:

    it’s a plus to be a great kisser 😛

    @ Wishbone:

    haha, well perhaps you didn’t realize 😀

    @ Hani:

    yea, everyone gets the great kisser part. so lucky, inner & physical beauty together 🙂

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