WordPress Installation Guide: Hosting / Domain

Here’s a simple guide to installing WordPress, for those with own hosting / domain:

If your control panel contains Fantastico / EasyApps Collection or other installers:

1) Make sure you have MySQL database included in your hosting plan.
2) Create a new MySQL database, give it any name you want.
3) Key in a ‘Username’ & ‘Password’ & user role (If necessary), this will be your wp-login Username & Password
4) Click on ‘Finish’ / ‘End’ / ‘Submit’ and you should have your database up.
5) Once done, go to your Fantastico / EasyApps collection or other installers and look for WordPress installer. It maybe an older version of WordPress, which you would need to update later.
4) Click on WordPress and run installation file.
5) Once it’s done, restart your web browser & clear cache, then check your domain. You should have a default post by WordPress.

And you are done.

As for logging in, add /wp-login.php to your domain and key in the necessary.

Eg. abc.com/wp-login.php
– Username
– Password

(For new users to web hosting and wordpress blogging…)

Hope this helps…

I based this on what i did, for my site and for others.
If there are mistakes in the guide, please drop me a comment or email me.

Other technical issues, you would require professional help…

To hosting administrators:
Please don’t kill me for writing this.

I just want to make it easier for users to get their blogs up and since some of you guys (web hosts) don’t provide help for WordPress.


FoxTwo wrote a post on free MySQL database, which you can use for WordPress, if you don’t have it in your hosting.

It would save you a few bucks but do take note, there’s always a downside to it. Data transfers could be a little slower, as it’s an external database.

10 thoughts on “WordPress Installation Guide: Hosting / Domain

  1. Save a few bucks! There are free mySQL hosting out there.

    Anyway, its a sweet & simple guide, might consider switching to WordPress..

    Do add me to your blogroll too! =)

  2. Wah 10q 10q for linking into your entry… hahah.

    Anyway also, another point to highlight – it is not really necessary to install the webhost’s version of wordpress and then upgrade it. You can easily take the full install .zip file from WordPress (2.3.1 is latest I believe) and FTP it yourself up to your host.

    Just make sure you keep the directory structures and execute the correct chmod to give the correct rights. WordPress will work fine, it even has a start-up wizard to create the necessary config files for you.

    Yeah I have played with WP too, but decided I wanna stick with Blogger haa!

  3. @ FoxTwo:

    hehe no prob 🙂

    yeap, upzip and installing the new files work as well but they would need to learn to use wp-config and wp-register, which may seem abit more confusing for first time users.

    it’s better to keep it simple for now.
    i’ll probably write another post for more advanced users but i think they wouldn’t need it 😛

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