Review: Sony Ericsson Z750i

After weeks of insane nagging by mom (she hate my N6101), we finally got her a new phone from Starhub and it’s the Sony Ericsson Z750i.


Z750i is the successor / newer model of Z610i.
It’s a 2 megapixel phone and the first phone supporting new Java Platform 8, similar design to Z610, only visual difference is the keypad area.

Keypad changes:
– positioning of buttons (eg. ‘C’ button has been changed)
– call and hang-up buttons
– nicer and slicker buttons

After the usual 10hrs battery charged, I gave it a run.

Functions wise, seemed very much like the Z610i.
From music, games, video mode, camera mode to test call… Everything functioned well, as expected from Sony Ericsson.

A few things i’m concerned:
– I’ve no idea how the game, Investigator, work or how i could get to the next stage. There’s no help / guide in game.
– Interface seemed a little slow, probably due to the new Java Platform?
– Battery life problem, there’s a need to recharge it after 6 hours of basic usage (light calling and gaming).

Things i love about it:
– SE included SIMS 2 in the game section… *evil grin*
– Google Map / GPS included, for those direction needies… *evil grin*
– Picture fix

Well, I’d probably get it for their Google Map / GPS.
It’ll definitely be useful during oversea trips 🙂

But for it’s retail price at S$548 (without plan), i feel it would be better to just fork out an additional S$300 – S$400 for SE K850i (5 megapixel phone).

Pic source: Mobile Gazette

17 thoughts on “Review: Sony Ericsson Z750i

  1. Just a quickie geek advice – Megapixels do not determine picture QUALITY, just the SIZE. You can have a 10 megapixel camera that still takes crappy pics. The pic will just be HUGE, that’s all.

    It’s the camera LENS that determines quality. A typical user would require no more than 3 Megapixels from any digital camera or camera phone if the lens is good.

  2. @ FoxTwo:

    it does determine quality, only during developing of photos and yes, it does affect the size of the pictures as well.

    @ Hani:

    Yup 😀

  3. hi~ may i know is there any chinese input method in the phone? or any problems in displaying chinese?

    i’m from hong kong and love this phone a lot. but HK will not release this model and i’m going to Singapore in the coming Jan. Wanna get one if no problems in displaying & input Chinese.


  4. @ Kocy:

    Just checked, it’s able to input chinese characters, using hanyu ping yin.

    SE did not include key stroke input for this phone 🙂

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  6. Is the Sony Ericsson Z750i still available in Pink colour in Singapore? Can you please tell me where I can buy it. Thanks!

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