Feeling depressed…

… by thinking and knowing, i’ll be staying back at work tomorrow, to clear up some December work stuff.

Which basically means:


and i’m still at work, with my colleagues, unable to go take some interesting pictures of our consultants, who are fishing for prawns in suits.

*imagining how adorable those guys would look*


time to get some Prozac.

3 thoughts on “Feeling depressed…

  1. haha prozac! i just wrote abt it the other day. they have it in peppermint flavour. lol. im still blogging at dweam.lah.cc
    havent shifted my stuff over yet to the other domain.

    and the threadless tees look good. always wanted to buy but didnt know which one to choose! hee.

  2. Me also depressed… my webhost is DOWN! It’s been down for an hour already and I’ve just written a new blog post too dammit!

    No idea on resolution time… haiz… mebbe I should reg on another host and point my DNS to the new place…. aiyoh so mafan one!

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