And they lived ‘Happily Ever After’…

The End?


Don’t you just love / hate such fairytale endings?
They always leave you guessing and wondering what happen after ‘The End’.

In my case, I love such endings.

Well, i love fairytales, hoping to have a fairytale type ending… and it keeps me guessing, thinking and wondering if there could be an alternative or a real life ending to it.

I’m weird, right?
But over the years, I’ve grew skeptical and recently, got to the point of ‘not believing in love’, which i found it’s quite a major problem.


Thanks to Yao, i caught the movie – Enchanted.

Plot /Synopsis: Here

Pic source: Wiki 

It’s a romance comedy movie.
Like almost everyone, i like the Pip the chipmunk but i enjoyed Nathaniel’s scheming ways more.

Overall: 4/5


Not gonna write in details and spoil it for those who have yet to watch it, but in short…

“Love happen in mind boggling ways.”

To all lovers out there:

“It’s good to be practical in real life, but it’s okay to be romantic and sweet. It maybe hard for you at first to give flowers, surprise each other but you’ll get the hang of it over time.

Actions like these are what keeps the relationship alive.”
At least now i feel…

It’s not impossible to find your one true love, share that special kiss and live happily ever after… in a slightly different way… =)

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