Video: Tired Of Being Sorry

by: Enrique Iglesias
source: Youtube


I’m still feeling daze / blur…
How i wish i didn’t have to wake up for work.

I need sleep…
I need sleep…
I need holiday and sleep…


Anyway, back to work…
Another long day, probably end work by 11pm.

6 thoughts on “Video: Tired Of Being Sorry

  1. @ rinaz:
    hmmm i see, will go check it out later 🙂

    @ ecl:
    due to the new project lor… *sigh*
    would have to do OT for the rest of Dec, till project goes live 🙁

    yea, our main transport is cab and we always pair up for cab rides 🙂

  2. oh you so contagious. now the disease fly to me. hahah! just kidding. actually i have been feeling like how you been feeling eons ago.

    i need a break. i need a sleep. can i have the weekend longer and can i request not to work every monday???? hahaha!!! too much!

  3. @ yanni:

    hehe 🙂
    there are jobs that start on tuesdays but of course, you would need to work on weekends instead. vote to abolish mondays? 😀

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