Who Stole Me?

Who Stole Me
Get that stolen gadget back!With the advancement of technology, more and more gadgets are getting smaller packing much more information than before.When a device like your mobile phone, pda phone, blackberry, iPod, digital camera, USB flash drive or your Mac laptop is stolen, it’s not just the pain of never getting it BAK2u again but also the very real risk of losing all your invaluable data too.Most importantly, why risk it all to identity theft? You do not know who now holds your device with all that information.
Act now not later.

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For someone like me, who spent 3 years of my life, losing numerous mobile phones, eg. my old N3210, 3310, 3110 and so on… although I’ve yet to lose any of my Sony Ericsson phones…

It made me wonder:
– if i’m too careless or
– there’s too many thieves out there

Well, I used to wonder if it’s possible to haunt those bastards / thieves down and report them to the police or even get back the phones.

But at least now i know it’s possible…
With Bak2u 🙂

Just ordered off the site, Bak2u SE and PDA software, for Dad’s Dopod & my SE K800i… *grin*

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