“We’ll be working on Christmas Day…”

How would you feel if you heard that you’ll be required to work on Christmas Day???

I’d be mighty sad and depressed.
Well, I am mighty sad and depressed right now.

‘Cos the odds are against us, our dept / team / my colleagues and me.
No thanks to that irritating project and all that migration data, we are required to key for the next 2 weeks.
That pile of data will grow, due to the insane amount of work we get on a daily basis…


Although my boss said, if we are able to finish all those data (jan – feb 2008 data) by 20th Dec (Note: 20th Dec, is a public holiday as well), we wouldn’t need to come back during Christmas…

But frankly, it’s likely we’ll be back, spending Christmas in front of our computers…
Instead of being at home, spending it under the Christmas tree and decorations, with family and friends.
Even if we are able to finish it, we’ll probably be too tired from all the overtime we’ll be clocking, to enjoy our holidays.

*Sigh x 2*

Oh well, what else can we say?
Other than cuss at those who agreed to this project and yet, throw all these shitty stuff to those aren’t on the management team. This is the life of most working adults.

Sad, sad truth.
Let’s just hope the overtime pay and bonus would be able to make me happier!

*Forcing a smile, for this festive season*

Anyway, those who wanna meet up during this festive period…
I could still meet you guys, if you don’t mind meeting near my office, as i would need to head back after dinner for overtime.


This rant is brought to you, by a super depressed working adult.

7 thoughts on ““We’ll be working on Christmas Day…”

  1. @ Miss Loi:

    nope, just OT pay…
    but money can’t make up for time lost ar, especially time with family and friends.

    oh well…

  2. @ Kenny:

    well, yours doesn’t sound that bad.
    at least you would have pretty / heavily makeup stewardess serving you booze and food 😀

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