Nearly the end…

In a blink of an eye, 2007 is ending.

It felt like yesterday, i signed my life away by converting into a permanent staff.
And same time last year, we are all stuck in office slogging away, trying to complete the impossible.

Our dept went through a massive change, especially in staff and S.O.P (standard operating procedures).
Out went the old and in came new blood, which i felt tend to be worst batch of all.

Makes you wonder, have we all degraded to be that cold and heartless?

At least i’m sure my colleague and boss aren’t like those heartless souls‘, who can’t even remember the basics.
It makes one wonder, how they managed to get that piece of paper, which is known as a degree cert, when they can’t even remember to get things signed.

Yeap, I’m in a slightly mean mood.
Guess the MEANIE in me is stirring.


Before i forget…

Thanks Rin & Arch, for dinner meetup.
It was a much needed dinner & chat session… =)

Miss you guys loads!

And thanks for presents…

I know i can’t be there all the time but you guys are always in my prayers and thoughts.
Time spent with those i care and love, are memories that can’t be bought.