New addition to my collection…


Been nearly a year since i purchased music cds.
And i’m glad i got this – 25yrs of Drama, compilation collector album.

My favorite songs:
– 真爱宣言 《再见荧光兰》
– 深情 《阳光系列 I》
– 关怀方式 《七月俏佳人》
– 不值得 《世纪攻略》

33 songs from top local dramas, sung by local artists…
Going for around S$17, pretty decent, i would say…

*continue listening to songs and work*

4 thoughts on “New addition to my collection…

  1. nice…i used to collect lyrics of those songs, handwritten in exercise books…hmm…idea for blog entry.

  2. @ LLY:

    really? you sure?
    i listen to almost all genres, unless you are interested in alternative punk rock, which i could fall asleep listening 🙂

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