Just to wish everyone i know and you guys, who happened to browse through (my blog) a…

Happy New Year…
With all dreams, resolutions and plans fulfilled…
and happiness always!!!

This year (2007) seemed to pass unusually fast for me, perhaps it’s the insane amount of work and overtime… but overall, it has been good, although friendships are strained due to my work but i’m grateful to all my closest friends…

For being so understanding, helpful and tolerant πŸ™‚

To God:
Thanks, appreciate everything you have done all these while!

To piggy:
Thanks for everything you have done for me, i know i’ve been rather temperamental due to stress and work but you have tried your best to be understanding… Sorry & thanks!

To goldfish:
Thanks… you are always important to me…
May your family be blessed and happy always!

To sean & xingyou:

Need a listening ear? i’m here!

To my sisters:

Dear Rin, Retro, Shen, Jas, Viki, Jo, Susan… i love you gals and thanks for listening and standing by me…

To my bros (too many to name):
Stay happy always, ok? If there’s anything i could help, just gimme a call!

To my new friends in ping.sg:
You guys are simply amazing and fun to be with πŸ™‚ Thanks, glad to know you guys… esp. Daph, Xizor, Fox… πŸ™‚

To my colleagues and boss:
Thanks, you guys make work so much more enjoyable. Enjoyed the outings too!

To my Nuffnang friends (Beeguet, Daisy & Jes):
Have a blessed year ahead! Glad to know you gals through the WWW.

And to my family…
It has been quite a year… esp. with granny leaving and our cousin getting married. It would have been nice to have granny attend the wedding but i’m sure she knows… and have given her blessings…

I love you guys… πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR (EVE)!!!

  1. Well,happy new year to u too,i knw tat u r busy so wont bother u so much,but i will try to update u with the things that r happening,and a thousand thanx to your concern n caring..n finally a thing i learn throughout the years..
    LIFE is just Like a Walk in the Park,
    You never know what will happened nExt until the end.
    But i hope i will always be by your side sharing your tears n laughter..
    Take Care…

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