Phone’s back :)

I was tempted to put a misleading title but after a thought, it’s better to just straight to the point.

Anyway, my phone aka the SE K800i is back and operational / functional again!!!

$40 to get it repaired and somewhat phone-less for 4days, have made me appreciate having a mobile phone and its technology.

Although i wondered during these 4 days, did the repair techie played and viewed my datas; which i think it’s quite common to have techies viewing others’ data while repairing…

Eg. Jacob kor when fixing my laptop, while he was in XXXX… 😛

Time to get back to work.

Final week for project, hope everything goes well and no more last minute stuff coming in.


My apologies for all the grammatical errors and senseless sentences.

I’m on ‘half-asleep’ mode while working.

By the way, Part 2 of Flame War would be posted over the weekend.

4 thoughts on “Phone’s back :)

  1. Wahlau how come you didn’t sync everything to your PC, remove the memory stick, and then do a hard reset on the phone before you sent it in? tsk tsk…

  2. @ fox:

    ‘Cos… i lazy 😀
    no lah, i remove most stuff le, just some notes with bank a/cs that are not deleted.

    I wouldn’t mind if the guy have a look at it, if he banks in some money, it would be wonderful 😛

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