Topic: Flame Wars (Part 2 – Countering)

Today’s lesson – Countering Flame Wars

Methods & Results and explanations.

We all know how it feels to get insulted / demeaned by people and it feels extra shitty when those trolls assumed they know the real you, just by reading your posts.

And therefore we counter their insults, not with C4s or submachine guns (think Counterstrike), but with a questioning and defensive attitude.

But words will always be words.
It could hurt you, your pride mainly but it could never hurt you enough to kill you.

By the way…
Here are some commonly methods:

1) Fight fire with fire
– By hurling same amount of abuses, straight back at that ‘ever-blog-wandering’ troll and start World War 3 on your blog.

He/She/IT has successfully pissed you off and made your blog unreadable on certain level, due to your post dedication to him/her/it and mass amount of abuses. Eg. all the Fxxk, Biatch, A**hole words are bound to appear.

2) Let your friends do the work
– Friends would always side and support you, no matter how wrong the situation is and usually method 1 (Fight fire with fire) would be included.

He/She/IT has successfully pissed you AND YOUR FRIENDS off and your blog has turn into a never ending war zone, minus live missiles and special effects. Just endless amount of sheer verbal abuses flying around.

3) Ignore (my favorite)
– Just switch off… by doing /ignore
– Delete / Ban / Remove messages

Peace and quiet, in my opinion. It’s always easy for YOU to be the BIGGER MAN / WOMAN, why spend time bickering or starting a war with someone who’s lacking and seeking constant attention?


Think about it…

By replying more, more time is spent on retaliating, more brain-cells are dying just to think of newer abuses to throw when you could jolly well make yourself a good cup of coffee / spend time with loved ones / try a new recipe.

Yes, i know it’s hard to walk away from an untrue statement which you could easily win.

But such a win, doesn’t give much satisfaction, right?

So, whenever a troll comes by and throws a nasty insult / remark…





Then make yourself a cup of coffee and talk / complain / whine to someone in real life about it. It’ll help you get it out of your system for good and make you realize you have not allowed yourself to be upset by sickening attention-seeking trolls πŸ™‚


I guess that’s about it for now πŸ™‚
If you feel there’s more to it, feel free to leave a comment, i’ll try to add in whenever i can.

As usual, for insults / abuses, read Disclaimer and everything i’ve written, before commenting.

2 thoughts on “Topic: Flame Wars (Part 2 – Countering)

  1. someone suggested at a new media working group:
    Don’t reply to the comment and invite the person over a cup of coffee/tea to talk face-to-face.

    His rationale: people are less hostile when talk face-to-face… i do agree.

  2. @ hyacinthus:

    it’s true, we tend to be less hostile in real life. probably due to being able to ‘read’ the person’s body language and reactions and therefore minimizing any nasty arguments in public πŸ™‚

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