Random thoughts – marriages

Over the weekend, i came across a hint that indicate an ex is getting married this year…

I’m happy for him and his mom, knowing he is finally settling down with the girl he love most.

But this piece of news got me thinking as well…

With him, another ex and my cousin getting married this year, i asked around and found 6 other couples who are getting married in the coming months…

That’s like 9 couples in a year and probably more, if i start asking my primary & secondary school friends.

I wonder…

Have i finally reach THAT age group, where all my friends and acquaintances tie the knot and pop babies like machines?

Or is it just me, taking too much time to find the right one to settle down with?


8 thoughts on “Random thoughts – marriages

  1. I think you have reached the age where everyone is sending you invitations to weddings, kids’ birthdays, etc. I have been attending quite a few already.

  2. Well… You don’t want to end up with the wrong guy too. So don’t panic. Look for Mr Right then commit to it. 🙂

  3. @ WishBone:

    Sigh, the 25 – 30 group…

    @ DK:

    Heh, yes sir!

    @ Winnie:

    I agree, it’s hard to find. Probably because most of them are taken 🙁

  4. Take my advice!!: Take all the time you need. I’ve been where you are. I’m now 39 with four kids and separated from my husband. SO…. try not to look at what everyone else is doing relationship wise and enjoy your life and the time you have to do some of the things you love. When the time is right and when you’re completely ready you will meet someone who will add to your world and make you feel like sunlight!

    Okay… I’m off my soapbox now.

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