Re-attack of the Flu virus


… phlegm…

Due to lack of sleep (not even sure why i couldn’t sleep when i’m in bed by 11), my most dreaded virus is back to haunt me… -_-”

Oh well…

Nope, not intending to see a doctor this time. Just gonna let it plague and try to sleep it off.

But till then, i’ll fight it till end of work…

So… back to work.
End of mindless / random post.

5 thoughts on “Re-attack of the Flu virus

  1. @ FoxTwo:

    nah, it doesn’t reflect well on us (boss & me) when i’m continuously on medical leave.

    althou it would be nice to laze at home, but i would rather finish my work first 🙂

    @ Dk:

    thanks, you too 🙂

  2. drink almond water. someone, i don’t know who, once told me that drinking almond water is good for cough.

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