An unproductive day

More Anime.
Check email.
Wash clothes.

And now blogging…
Nothing important done, in short.

A short recap on what happened ytd:

  • was at work, plague by my dreaded illness (flu-love-me)
  • stayed till 1.30am but was unable to complete the billing process, due to the freaking expensive and buggy new system

And for today – unproductive.


Well, let’s just say i finally listened to DK, Xizor and FoxTwo and dragged myself to my family doctor, letting him charge me another $60 for antibiotics, fedac and sinus meds.

Down with fever, sinus, cough and headache.

*insert plain ghastly look + heart pain + cash flying away*

Like i’ve said, i went to the doctor and was ordered to bed-rest for 2 days…

And that’s 4 days in 2 weeks.

I wonder if our big boss is gonna have something to say about that…


Based on what i know about her, she might…
But… I’m sure she knows we have been working till midnight and weekends, since she has been endorsing our overtime sheet from Nov 2007.

Oh well.
Gonna continue with my anime, Keroro Gunso, finally finish loading… *yawn*

6 thoughts on “An unproductive day

  1. If your boss “has something to say”, tell him/her to give you a magic pill to make you invulnerable to sickness, then you won’t ever need to take MC.

    Making sick people work is actually counter productive. Not only might the work be error-prone, the sick person generously shares his/her virus among the colleagues hence rendering them sick too.

    So, the office is rendered inactive by a virus. Ever read the book “War Of The Worlds”? šŸ™‚

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