Interesting Monday

Since last week, we have been looking forward to Monday (today)…
That’s because…

We have a new colleague coming in today and her boss said she’s drop-dead gorgeous!
*Grin Grin*

We waited and waited…

Speculated and wondered why she’s still not here yet…
After having her delayed at HR for 2 hours, she’s finally here 🙂

She isn’t what i would conclude as ‘drop-dead gorgeous’ but she’s pretty.
But too bad for the guys, she’s taken a.k.a married!

First impression: Nice, friendly and trying to pick up marketing info as fast as she could.
And the guys in our dept, end up blushing when we teased them…

Let’s see if anything else would happen during / after lunch!

Someone sent me an sms, asking where’s her pics.
Well, i’ll try to get a snap shot of her, as soon as possible, alright?

Latest by 17th Feb, since we are having a department bbq and hopefully she’s attending 😛