Off to Bangkok!

In another 10hours, i’ll be on the plane to Bangkok (Thailand)…
The land of good and cheap seafood, shopping and nice scenary! (my definition)

Why now?

Perhaps to most, it’s a way to escape from all the visiting & unstoppable questionings, from our darling relatives and friends, whom we make an effort to see once a year.

But to me, it’s the only time my parents and i could really put down our work, travel and not worry about anything. Well we dislike visiting too, it can be quite a chore, having people compare about every single thing during a festive season. Furthermore, based on chinese custom, we can’t visit anyone or have anyone visiting us, as my maternal grandma recently passed away.

And thus, the yearly Chinese New Year Trip 🙂

To relax, shop and eat, till my heart & belly content… (even though i know i’ll be grumbling away once i get back on how to lose all those weight).

What’s a little indulgence after months of hard work, overtime and unnecessary debates over the project?


I’ll be away for a week, 8days to be exact.
Filler posts will be up and i’ll post more when i’m back 🙂

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR (In advance)!!! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Off to Bangkok!

  1. good luck and enjoy the trip which you have being talking for so long…
    will miss you here in Singapore,hope you will have a good time there..
    PLEASE watch what u eat there through ///
    miss you always and take care muack!

  2. Hey Happy Chinese New Year in advance! Happy blogging!
    Oh I love going to Bangkok too. Love the food to bits!!! *salivating*

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