Back in SG

Yeap, back to post random stuff!

After a fun week in Bangkok…
I’m finally back, unwillingly… šŸ˜›

Still have loads to shop and do, but…
Too many places, too little time.

But i’m sure i’ll cover those new places (especially shopping malls) by next CNY trip šŸ™‚
‘Cos i’m thinking of going there during Aug, as a bday trip for myself.

Anyway, details and pics later…
Need sleep and lunch!

Thanks to all darlings, for your well-wishes!
Esp. Rina, Daph, Hani, Jes, Sherx, XinYou…

7 thoughts on “Back in SG

  1. welcome back!

    i do hope to see a shopping/sightseeing guide to bkk. will be flying next week! (and i cant wait)

    is it really a shopping mecca? šŸ˜€

  2. @ malique:

    thanks! šŸ™‚
    that’s great, hope you’d enjoy yourself loads. yes, definitely a shopping mecca/haven!

    you wouldn’t wanna miss the shopping centres too, eg. Central (they are having sale till March)

  3. argh i cant wait for MY getaway in april now. haha. mine’s only 4d 3n but hey, better than nothing. hehe.

    welcome back~ cant wait to meet up again! šŸ™‚

  4. Central, Siam Paragon, mbk and couple of smaller malls there….enough for ladies to shop till you drop!
    Don’t forget to repair your leg/foot with foot massage while u r there.

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