Steamboat + Sushi = Chubby xinyun

Yeap, you saw the title and got it right the first time.

Steamboat + Sushi = Chubby xinyun

And I’ve hit my target for this year, by putting on 3-4kg during CNY month.
3-4kg in 3 weeks, scary.

Oh well, I’ve been blessed with good food 🙂

This month (Feb) has really been quite a month…

Much thanks to my parents, as they practically hopped into any steamboat restaurants while in Bangkok, my friends who’s been meeting me up for lunch & dinners, my department BBQ with colleagues and gathering at my colleague’s place.

Stuff i consumed:
– Japanese food (sushi, sashimi, tempura… with friends, family)
– Steamboat (at MK restaurants & Pris house)
– Froggies’ legs (with Xizor, Fox & Piggy)
– Yu Sheng (even though i dislike Yu Sheng, i had it like 6 times this year)
– Italian food (think V-day dinner)
– BBQ (at the chalet / bbq)
– Chips (Lays)
– Ice Coffee (i had it almost every other meal while in Bangkok)

Guess it’s time to seek FoxTwo‘s help, on how to lose weight healthy and maintain.

Hmm… March.
I’ll start from 1st March 😀