Thoughts: ’til death do us part?

Haven’t we all hear the following phrase:

‘Til death do us part

Heard during weddings and proposals.
How many out there actually hold on to that vow, that promise and stand by each other ’til death parts them?

I’ve been wondering after ‘celebrating’ my parents’ 29th year wedding anniversary, which was last Friday.

After known them for all my life (duh!) and watching them argue / debate / ignore / fight each other on a extremely regular basis, it’s even harder to imagine them committing and sticking to that vow done 29 years ago.

Them, being the unlikely couple (in my opinion), stood by each other for years. Although they had fights that nearly leaded to thoughts and threats to divorce but they are still together.

Because of me.

How sweet of them to use me as an excuse.
Why didn’t they think of me as an excuse to stop fighting?

Even the unlikely couple stood by each other, still keeping to that vow and holding hands while out… So what’s causing deeply in love couples to sign divorce papers?


I wonder if it’s due to…
Us, younger generation, with the tendency to give up easily and knowing we have the rights to our self-determined happiness, even if it means forgoing the sacred vows.

Well, let’s hope that in time to come…
I would be able to be like my parents, even though the unlikely couple, to stay married ’til death does its job.

Dad’s guide to marriage:
– Give in, it’d help lessen arguments.
– Act blur, when necessary.

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