It’s time for me to… change webhost

After months of cock & bull replies from the US host…
My friend and i felt that we had enough.
My site, went down…
If you include last evening, 6 times in 5 month.

For what it’s worth, it’s not worth the trouble to constantly log on to their online help desk, wait and get generic answers:

There’s nothing wrong with the server… We are currently doing maintenance…

Right, nothing wrong with your blardy server…
Your site and everyone else’s were down for half a day.

Where’s the reminder email for server maintenance?

According to them, there’s none.
You (the client / customer) should actively check their help forum, for any maintenance news and only after my friend’s feedback, then they sent out email reminders.

*Roll eyes*

Name of US host: Jodohost
Service: 3 out of 10
Server: 3 out of 10

Conclusion: Pick anyone but Jodohost.

7 thoughts on “It’s time for me to… change webhost

  1. Ooh … I wont use Jodohost. I’m using … Bluehost, a tad bit more expensive than the rest but its been pretty reliable for me (more or less) 😛

  2. @rinaz
    Bluehost has quite good feedback.

    For me, I’m using Dreamhost, there are some who have said it’s slow. I notice that it’s slow at times but then again, mine doesn’t have a high traffic.

    Siteground, and could be other possibilities.


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