Eventful Week-end

Why the title?
‘Cos loads of things happened during that very week.

Let’s see…

Disney on Ice started on Thurs.
IT Show 2008 started on Thurs.
Watch shopping on Fri (with my lovable colleagues and crazy Antz).
G.Election for Malaysia on Sat.
MediaCorp Bazaar on Sat.
Squeeze-o-matic at IT show (with AOD, Diana, Antz and gang).

Well, eventful.
At least for me.

Sadly, no tickets for Disney on Ice, sorry Jo…
And i didn’t attend the Bazaar, due to IT show.

But I had a pretty good weekend, watch shopping and dinner with my colleagues, making Antz the human-sized Tickle-Me Elmo, him accompanied me to IT show and listen to his ‘shopping nagging’ 😛

Thanks Antzy!
Thanks Jen, Elise, Kel, Cras, Mavis 🙂

For those who missed the Bazaar, don’t fret…
I’ll update you ladies / guys once I have news on the next one 🙂