Strange search referrals…

I came across a couple of interesting keyword referrals from my Nuffnang a/c.


“How to act cute infront of a guy?”

“geylang massage parlour”


It gets kinda creepy when someone search for the word, xinyun, 20 odd times a day and get referred to my site.
But i would like to think they had somehow mis-clicked and been routed here.


To the sweetie (i presume it’s a girl)…
I’m sorry there’s nothing helpful here for you to charm that silly boy / guy off his feet, ‘cos this blogger has only tried ‘acting cute’ in front of her adorable and lovable friends, ex boyfriends and maybe parents. Only to get things done my way and irritate the hell outta people.

Works alright, if you use on people you know well.


But i could refer you to this post, if you wanna know how a guy could act cute, in front of everyone else –> Cute or Act cute post

Aside to the ‘massage parlour’ person…
Try using yellow pages, you seriously wouldn’t want all bloggers to know you are looking for something like that. I’m giving you the benefit of doubt, thinking you are searching for a decent place to have a massage.

But i doubt you’ll find anything helpful, other than frog legs porridge from Geylang.

4 thoughts on “Strange search referrals…

  1. well.. “xinyun” is hanyu pinyin which can have a large number of permutations. I get really creep out when people google for “lbandit”.

  2. @ lbandit:

    well that’s true but i hardly get that many hits a day, until 5 days ago. so it does get a little freaky 😛

    *gonna creep lbandit out by mass google search* 🙂

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