An old friend, a long chat…

I dated an old gaming friend, Glen, out for coffee and chitchatting.

We chatted about the good old times, during the Counterstrike days.
How closely knitted the community was, how we met and argued.
How everyone has been doing and what has changed.

It’s always good to relive the good old times.
Especially with someone whom I’ve know for 8 years.
As long as I’ve known Rin & Retro, my darling sis…

Antz. Sean. Buttz…. etc.

Gone were our days of non-stop lanshop hopping, overnight gaming and competitions.
Gone were our bunch of lovable gaming friends, moving on in life.

Studies. Careers. Marriage.
Although there are some, still holding on to that gamer dream.

For what had remained, good and fun memories.

Anyway, thanks Glen 🙂

By the way, if you have more to add to your Top 21 babe list, let me know!
I’ll definitely draft out the time chart and name list for you.