Closing a chapter.

Nick, my friendly yet unwilling counselor once pressured convinced me to face my past and do a closure, knowing it’ll help me to let go of past relationship hang-ups.

Yes, he’s right and those words stayed.
Allowing me to face what i’m most afraid of.


All that recent moodiness i was feeling was probably due to the past.

I stayed up late last night, thinking and reading.
Feeling guilty and getting memory flashbacks hadn’t been much fun, and as far as i remembered, there wasn’t a closure.

I ran, avoided thoughts on it.

Instead of letting it haunt me for another 8 years, I finally gathered enough stupidity courage to draft that long overdue letter. It was done in a matter of hours, explaining things i never thought i would do.

Well, i did and sent it…

Life would probably be different, losing someone important but that’s something i’m willing to bear.
Perhaps it’s selfish of me to mention the long forgotten, but it just didn’t seem right to let it hang forever.

I’m sorry, if i made you remember things you’ve long forgotten.
Thank you for everything.

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